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Data Recovery services offered

Bleeping Computer...Ever had one of those days?

We repair Desktop and Laptop machines

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Service you can trust

Welcome to Computers by Terry Website

Computers by Terry is.... Mobile to your Home or Business We repair Laptops and PC's in Homes, Offices and Stores in the Eastern Tennessee & Western North Carolina area.

We have repaired thousands of machines over the years and started in the year 2000 founding a computer repair Company called PC Surgeon Inc. in Atlanta Ga.

We Repair Hardware and Software computer problems and are experianced in Reloads, Upgrades, Custom Builds, Virus, Malware Removal, Networking, Thinclient, Hard drive imaging and are MCSE Certified (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). We offer many services connected with computers

We specialize in Data Recovery and are CDRE Certified (Certified Data Recovery Experts). We can image your drive in our lab on our hardware imagers to a new drive. Our rates are competitive and start at the $300 price range. We will let you know the cost up front after an initial evaluation.

We are a Mobile firm dedicated to Affordable PC Repair and Network Installation that puts the customer first. We will Go anywhere and fix any problem. Any Operating system. No Job to Big or Small.

We have worked with Linux for many years and have created a variety of linux file servers that suit our clients customised needs. We have designed and installed Data Backup collection points and created imaging and multicasting servers for networks that make imaging every machine on the network just one button press away! Linux is highlly reliable and stable in production environments and run for many years without problems and just work. There are not the expensive licensing and support issues associated with other operating systems check out our Linux Servers page.

We fix most problems in 1-4 hours. We can solve your problems fast!

We have very competitive rates! And seek to earn our clients business and satisfaction every day

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