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Linux Servers & Workstations

Linux machines are built to last and problem free. They just work, Year after year!

Our Linux Server is built with a high tech 64-bit architecture and a RAID 1 Mirrored Array plan for disaster recovery if one drive fails you just replace it and rebuild the array and no data is lost. Roughly 69% - 79% of the servers in the world are Linux. Just place one Linux Server at the office or one at home and Computers by Terry will set it up so that automated backups occur daily from many machines over the Network. Each Linux Server comes with FOG imaging software that makes imaging machines on your network a snap. The Linux Server is an extremely easy to use and powerful SMB Server with 128 bit encryption for security and built in integration with windows systems. This is a High Tech Server built with award winning Ubuntu (or Fedora) Linux and capability for many applications such as email, web server and office applications. Each Linux Server comes with networking and file sharing capability built right in. Many machines can get work done on a daily basis for many years with no downtime. Linux machines make great workstations as well!

Linux Server Features:
Tower Case =
Raid 1 Machine 2 Drive Mirror Array
500 GB
Powerful SMB server
Microsoft 128-bit encryption
1 TB
Windows compatible.
2 TB
Automated backup.
3 TB



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